Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mother Moon

The Full Crow Moon (March's full moon) is coming, the last full moon of Winter. Spring is coming and soon Mother Earth will reawaken, fertile, verdant and bursting with life. While she has slept and rested for four or five months, one mother, though we cannot see her by day has never taken a break. This mother has kept a gentle vigil over us each night. As she travels in her silver charriot across the velvet ebony sky, with her less bright, twinkling handmaidens, the stars following in her wake, Mother Moon watches and sends her gentle silver light down, bathing everything in its soft glow.

She is often a gentle, loving, benevolent mother, lighting the darkness that we may see. She is easy to tell secrets to and will keep them...or sometimes her wisdom. She'll soothe and calm, hypnotize and mesmerize. She's beautiful and ethereal. She controls the tides and influences the cycles of life.

But like all mothers, she has her limits and will punish those who disobey and disrespect her. She will cause a madness or lunacy to come upon those foolhardy individuals who dare hurt or displease her. Like all mothers and goddesses, Mother Moon--Luna, Diana, Rhiannon, or by whatever other name we know her as--will not be mocked. Like everyone else, she just wants to be loved, adored, respected, remembered.

And I, for one, am proud to be called a moon child.

I raise my arms in greeting
As she slips up through the night,
The rounded Moon of Mystery,
A glowing silver disk of light.
My spirit answers to her call
And longs for wings to fly,
That I might seek her secret place
Whose symbol is the sky.
A place of hidden secrets,
Of sacred mysteries old,
A place I knew in other times,
In temple wisdom no more told.
I struggle to remember
All the things I learned before,
The forgotten mysteries of the Moon,
The goddess and her lore.
Although my arms reach skyward,
I turn inward toward her voice.
I tread the inner labyrinth,
Trusting in my choice.
"Seek not without, but deep within."
The words are soft and clear.
"Keep faith with me for thirteen months,
The Mother's Sacred Year."
I watch her through her cycles,
As I did in lives before,
And follow down her moonbeam path
To the secret, inner door.

~DJ Conway, Moon Song~


At 4:34 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

What a gorgeous post Shiloh. I adore the moon woman. She is stunning.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

She inspires madness and lunacy? Sounds like my kind of girl!

Anita Marie


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