Friday, March 10, 2006

Baba's Seed Fingers

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At 4:10 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Clarissa Pinkola Estes talks about the symbol of the seed in her book 'Women Who Run With The Wolves'. She says that "if one has the root stock, the basis, the original part, if one has the seed corn any havoc can be repaired, devastations can be resown, fields can be rested, hard seed can be soaked to soften it, to help break open and thrive."

As I read about the symbol of the seed I am reminded of an event which took place in the nineteenth century. When archeologists opened an ancient Egyptian tomb they found, in the tomb, a portion of a tree. Embedded in wood was a seed. Scientists involved in the expedition planted the seed out of curiosity, merely to see what would happen. Behold, 3000 years later the seed finally grew. It had missed its chance in ancient Egypt but its strength of life remained intact, dormant and waiting for its next opportunity.

The story of the seed touches me and reminds me of the young girl who dreamed of being a writer, but who went on to be a school teacher instead.

Somewhere in my youth I missed the chance of being a writer and of living the artistic life, no doubt because I was destined to teach first. However, my capacity to write always remained intact, lay dormant, waiting for the opportunity when I would find my true voice. As the webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe I realise that the seed, planted so long ago, has grown into a fine tree.

The story of the seed also reminds me of the time when one of my writing courses was closing. I carefully filled small pots with earth and planted seeds deep within the rich loam. Each participant was given a pot to take home, asked to nourish, water and feed the hidden seeds. The workshop participants did not know what was within the earth. I simply told them that caring for the tiny planter would teach them all that they needed to know about writing. "The seeds hold the key." I said.

I never did hear, yet I know that a few weeks later fresh young nasturtians shot, unannounced from the nourished soil, just as ideas sprout from nowhere.

Here in Lemuria the soil is rich. Dig in the earth. Plant bulbs and seeds and learn all that you need to know about writing.


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